Nepheline Syenite

Nepheline is an important feldspathoid mineral. It is white, grey or yellow in colour with a vitreous lustre and a poor cleavage. The name Nepheline comes from the Greek word nephele, which means “cloud,” because it becomes strongly clouded when put in strong acid.
Nepheline only forms in silica-poor rocks. It is almost never associated with quartz. It may be found in some contact metamorphosed rocks otherwise it occurs in alkaline complexes in igneous rocks. Nepheline is mostly found in the rock Nepheline Syenite in nature.




  • Glass (used as a flux to lower the melting temperature, gives increased resistance to scratching and breaking, improved thermal endurance, increased chemical curability).
  • Ceramics (used as a flux to lower the melting temperature)
  • Roofing Granule
  • Rock wool insulation
  • Building Stone
    To make Toilet bowls and sinks